US Study consortia to lobby US Department of Commerce

Author: Claudia Civinini

A group of US study state consortia are lobbying the US Department of Commerce to maintain its services to education amid ‘warning signs’ that the support of education as a service export is no longer going to be part of the mandate for the US Commercial Service.

n a letter seen by The PIE News, the group highlighted the successes of the US international education industry, which it said are in large proportion attributable to the support of the department.

The letter, drafted by Study California and co-signed by other study state consortia, asked the department to continue supporting vital services for the international education industry such as market research and outreach, the US Pavillion at NAFSA and planning for events abroad and in the US.

“It’s just sent a bit of a shiver through the industry”

The other signatories to the letter were Study Hawaii, Study Massachusetts, Study Minnesota, Study New York, Study Oregon and Study Texas.

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