With over 200 institutions of higher education to choose from in Texas, and an environment as diverse as the culture, Texas, the Lone Star state, is a great place to live and learn!

Featured Institution

Prairie View A&M University


Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU) is a state-assisted, public, comprehensive land grant institution of higher education. The university was designated in a 1984 amendment to the Texas Constitution as an “institution of the first class.” It is dedicated to achieving excellence and relevance in teaching, research and service. It seeks to invest in program and services that address issues and challenges affecting the diverse ethnic and socioeconomic population of Texas and the larger society including the global arena. The university seeks to provide a high quality educational experience for students who, upon completion of bachelors, masters, or doctorate degrees, possess self-sufficiency and professional competences. The experience is imbued by the institution’s values including, but not limited to, access and quality, accountability, diversity, leadership, relevance, and social responsibility.

I love this institution! It strives for excellence and achievement that the students really take a liking to. It’s an amazing experience on and off campus. Our instructors and facilities are wonderful and will be there whenever you need them. I look forward to graduating here.
— Adinos (Unigo.com)

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Bigger is better in texas

"As Texas was an independent republic until it joined the Union on December 29, 1845, as the 28th and biggest state (221 times bigger than the smallest state, Rhode Island), its treaty with USA does permit its division into as many as five states without federal approval (that would add eight more Texas Senators in US Senate!) Texans love everything that is 'big', so two attempts to split the state (in 1969 and 1991) were voted down by Texans themselves."

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