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Learn English language skills when you enroll in Angelo State University’s English Language Learners’ Institute. This non-credit program teaches English to non-native speakers through reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students practice pronunciation and vocabulary development, as well as grammar skills. The institute is part of ASU’s Center for International Studies.

The institute delivers English language programs to international students and San Angelo area residents. Our priority is to prepare students for future study at Angelo State and other U.S. universities, but we also welcome students who need English for social and professional purposes. Contact us to learn more >

The Intensive English Program at Dallas Baptist University offers a full-time English instruction course taught by highly qualified, experienced, native English speaking professors. The Intensive English Program is available in fast, 8-week courses which are offered periodically throughout the year in the Spring, Summer and Fall sessions.

All Intensive English Program courses are taught by caring and helpful professors on the beautiful and safe Dallas Baptist University campus, an American liberal-arts university located in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Intensive English Program courses are taught in Reading, Grammar, Conversation, Writing and Academic Research Skills. Intensive English Program class sizes are kept small to increase the rate and quality of learning; classes are typically between 8 and 15 students. In addition to English instruction, all students who successfully complete the course will receive academic credit for a university course in either, Communication, Religion or Business.

During the course of the Intensive English Program, students will engage in many cultural activities, including field trips to local destinations and regular interaction with American students, volunteers and families.

Whether you are wishing to prepare for university-level education in the U.S., or just wanting to improve your English speaking ability, the Intensive English Program at Dallas Baptist University is the ideal way to learn English! Learn More >

Stephen F. Austin State University’s intensive English program provides students with the necessary English skills to succeed in the challenging academic environment of undergraduate or graduate programs in the United States. Students who successfully complete the program of study at ELI will be granted admission into regular academic programs at SFA with no additional language test scores needed, if other entrance requirements are met.

The focus of our program is on academic English, but students develop conversational skills as well. In addition to the language skills required for academic success, ELI also prepares students culturally for life as a college student in the United States. ELI arranges outings to museums, historic sites, and other interesting cultural sites around the area. In coordination with the International Student Association, ELI encourages students to attend cultural events on campus, including dance nights, food festivals, and fashion shows. Learn more > 

With a distinguished faculty of literary scholars, writers, language specialists, technical writers, rhetoricians, and a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students, we challenge you to explore new directions and find your place in the world in the Department of English and Languages.

Our mission is to provide excellent undergraduate education in English, Spanish and French, and a strong graduate program in English. We are dedicated to excellent teaching, concern for individual students, significant scholarship, and public service. Our department contributes to the university mission through its long-term commitment to:

  • Provide a key component in the education of undergraduate students by offering core curriculum courses in composition and literature, foreign language instruction in Spanish and French, and support courses in technical writing.

  • Provide assistance to students requiring remediation in writing.

  • Provide strong specializations in English and Technical Writing and Spanish for those seeking the Bachelor of Arts degree with or without secondary teacher certification and provide majors with effective academic advising and assistance.

  • Provide courses leading to the minor in English, Spanish, and technical writing for all degree-seeking students and to a concentration in English and Spanish for those seeking the Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

  • Provide a sound program of advanced study leading to the Master of Arts degree in English with both thesis and non-thesis tracks.

  • Provide opportunities for intellectual, literary, and cultural enrichment, and promote international understanding and involvement for students and faculty.

  • Provide service to the university and the community while offering students and faculty opportunities to participate in public service.

The Department of English and Languages offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor Arts--either with or without secondary school certification--with options in English and Spanish. Additionally, the department offers a minor in technical writing. On the graduate level the Master of Arts degree is offered in English, now with online options. Contact Us >

The Texas A&M University English Language Institute (ELIN) began in 1966 as a short-term summer program for 22 agricultural students from Latin America. ELIN has grown into a fully-accredited year-round intensive English program collaborating annually with departments across the Texas A&M University campus to provide English language instruction and academic preparation for hundreds of undergraduate and graduate international students from all across the globe. The program is administered by a director and assistant director and is supported by full and part-time non-tenure-track faculty members. From its humble beginnings, the TAMU English Language Institute is now nationally recognized as a top intensive English program in the United States. Questions?

The Rice University Intensive English Program is open to non-native speakers of English who have a serious desire to improve their language skills. This challenging program is useful to working professionals and to students preparing for university study or professional programs. Students from more than 100 countries have attended the program. The course of study is based on an integrated-skills approach with listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar components. Fluency and accuracy in both spoken and written English are emphasized.

In one year, students should be able to progress through the six-level core program. Classes average 12 students and allow participants a maximum amount of individual attention and an opportunity to develop conversational skills. Classes at any specific level will depend on sufficient enrollment. Students must be open to accepting a morning or afternoon schedule as assigned by the director.

Course Information

  • Six sessions of daytime classes are offered yearly; each session is seven weeks long with 20 hours of class per week

  • Classes meet Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. or 1-5 p.m. on the Rice campus

  • Students new to the program must take the placement test. See the calendar for scheduled test dates.

Program Instructors

  • Intensive English Program instructors are experienced teachers with advanced degrees who employ the most recent advances in second language methodology. They frequently incorporate current, culturally relevant articles and multimedia materials to supplement regular assignments. Contact Us >

Class Environment - Classes are small, with a minimum of five students. Small classes mean that students receive personal attention from the teacher, and they are able to form friendships with others in a comfortable, stress-free atmosphere. Students come from all parts of the Bay Area and represent all age groups and professions.

Instruction- The emphasis is on the development of conversational skills, and the method is totally oral. Students are speaking in the desired language from the first class meeting, and the grammar is learned while practicing oral drills with other students. These dialogues contain the practical vocabulary necessary for everyday situations encountered abroad. The oral method encourages students to think in the language more quickly than in traditional methods of language teaching.


  • The teachers all possess native fluency, advanced degrees in the language, and experience in teaching with the oral method.

Text Books and Audio Materials

  • Tuition fees do not include books and audio materials. Textbooks are for sale in the University Bookstore.


  • Registration for a foreign language class may be done by mail. Fees are payable in advance for the entire session. Fees are not refundable except to students who withdraw before the first class meeting,($30 will be deducted from refund checks), or a credit will be given for the next session. Students may pay by Mastercard, Visa, or Discover, and by FAX (281) 283-3407. Parking stickers may be obtained from the University Police for UHCL parking lot D.

Students choose IELI for many reasons. The following list shows some of the main reasons. Learn More >

High Standards. IELI's standardized curriculum and high standards align with UNT's expectations. All IELI instructors hold a master's degree or higher in TESL (or other closely related fields) making our faculty exceptionally qualified to prepare students for academic success at the university.

Conditional Admission to UNT.  Students may not need to take standardized exams. IELI offers conditional admission to many UNT undergraduate and graduate programs. Read more about IELI students entering UNT.

University Environment. The IELI offices and classrooms are located in the center of the UNT campus. Additionally, IELI students are surrounded by many educational opportunities and cultural experiences. Students enjoy IELI and UNT services and activities, such as

  • social events

  • cultural activities

  • recreational programs

  • health programs

  • multiple libraries all over campus

  • state-of-the-art language and computer labs

Program Accreditation. IELI developed one of the largest intensive English language programs in the United States. The Academic English and Pre-MBA programs are accredited by CEA.

Flexible Start Dates. IELI's Academic English program offers 5 terms throughout the year.  Students may start the Academic English program on any of these start dates. IELI's Pre-MBA program offers two start dates.

Variety of Support Services. We want students to feel welcome and enjoy their experiences in the United States. IELI promotes safety, wellness, and happiness. Student services include:

  • transportation from the airport

  • student orientation activities on banking, shopping, housing, and more

  • advising for admission, academic ,and personal reasons

  • conversation practice in group settings

  • field trips to explore the area and build friendships

  • Location of Campus. Denton, Texas is an ideal place to live and study because of the:

  • lower cost of living

  • nearby tourist attractions

  • UNT awards and achievements

  • UNT campus safety

  • Denton's safe environment

  • city awards and recognitions

What starts here changes the world. 

The University of Texas at Austin established its Intensive English Programs (IEPs) in the early 1960s. Today, English as a Second Language Services at UT Austin welcomes approximately 900 students each year and enjoys an alumni community representing more than 120 countries across the globe. ESL Services offers high-quality intensive language training and cultural immersion to help students meet their proficiency needs, achieve their academic goals, and advance their careers.  

ESL Services offers two primary programs, the Academic English Program (AEP) and the English Language Pro gram (ELP). AEP is designed for ESL students planning to enter a Master's or Ph.D. program at any US university. ELP focuses on communication for study and daily life. The classes help expand the student’s English language skills while providing opportunities for learning, collaboration, and research. Classes have an average of 12 students and can be taken on an intensive or part-time basis, depending on visa type. 

ESL Services also coordinates special customized programs for both English language study and English language teacher trainings for groups of 10 or more. Classes cover a variety of topics including English language, American Culture and academic skills. Dates are flexible and programs range in length from two weeks to a full semester.

Intensive Study

  • Classes meet 5 days a week for a total of 18 hours weekly.

Part-time Study

  • Classes meet for a total of 4.5 hours weekly.

ESL Services has an outstanding team of more than 60 faculty and staff. All instructors have graduate degrees and/or TESOL certification, speak at least one foreign language and have taught, traveled, or lived outside the U.S. 

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UT Tyler’s Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) offers an Academic English Language Program for international non-native English speakers. Sessions are 8-weeks long with 21 classroom hours per week. There are 5 entry points each year: August, October, January, March, and June. Classes are small and personal, ensuring a more productive learning experience and increased skill growth for all students.

The IELI academic program enables students to improve academic English language while building an understanding of American culture, with the goal of university matriculation. The core curriculum covers all English language skills along with American Culture, Note-taking skills, and Pronunciation. In addition, students have opportunities for engagement in a weekly Conversation Corner, peer interaction with Study Buddies, and participation in campus clubs and events. Between sessions, one-week seminars and workshops such as Business English, English for Medical Professionals, and Proficiency Test Preparation are offered for an additional fee.

The Academic English Language Program is open to local residents who would like to improve their language skills for career or academic purposes. Local residents may enroll in the program on a course-by-course basis.

For students who seek to matriculate into UT Tyler, TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS scores will be waived if certain requirements are met. Learn More >

For undergraduate studies: Complete Level 6 of the IELI with no grade lower than an A; or Complete Level 7 with no grade lower than a B

For Graduate studies: Waiver requirements vary based on department.