Texas institutions offer a many programs.  Explore your options and learn which program best fits you. 

Undergraduate & Graduate Colleges and Universities

Universities and colleges vary size, but both offer four-year bachelor’s degrees and may also offer master’s and/or doctoral degrees. Universities are larger, offer higher level degrees and have more extensive research facilities while colleges are often smaller in population and may concentrate on bachelor’s level programs.  However, both college and university offer high-quality programs for students in various majors or areas of study. 

Two Year Community Colleges

Two Year Colleges or Community colleges offer a two-year curriculum that lead to obtaining an associate’s degree and certificates.  Many of the programs and degrees offered in Two Year colleges are technical programs. With the help of strong connections with universities and four-year colleges, these two-year colleges provide a stepping stone in transferring to a four-year program to obtain the last two years of a bachelor’s degree.

English Language Programs

Some universities/colleges will offer English Language Programs which provide a range of programs that help students achieve their goals and interests while developing communication skills. For more information regarding whether your university/college offers English Language Programs, please click on the 'Learn More' button and visit your desired university/college profile or request more information from StudyTexas by clicking here